5 Modern Security Technology Features Your Short-Term Rental Needs

Posted on: 5 July 2022

Whether your short-term rental units are close or distant from your home base, modern security technology can make them safer and more enjoyable for guests. What should you look for in vacation rental security features to accomplish both goals? Here are a few of the most important.

1. Keyless Entry. Save yourself, your vendors, and your guests time and effort by installing a keyless entry system. Choose from coded entries, facial identification, or remote activation to let guests check in, come and go, and check out without ever needing anyone else on site. And good keyless entry prevents unwanted reentry due to old keys or unexpired codes. 

2. Home Automation. How much of the rental unit can be controlled using automation? Increasingly, smart home devices allow you to control things like doors and windows, lights, environmental controls, television and radio, and appliances using remote devices. Automation helps you provide an enjoyable experience to guests and oversee what's going on in your rental right from your phone. 

3. Voice Activation. One common problem for both owners and guests is guests' inability to use unfamiliar systems during their stay. Solve some of this confusion by programming voice activation for certain devices. A guest might be able to activate and deactivate the hot tub, for example, simply by giving a single command. They get to enjoy it and you know they'll turn it off properly. 

4. Lighting Plans. Lighting is a key, but often underappreciated, security and safety tool. Motion sensor lights, timers, and cameras that activate with the light are all good ways to improve security around the house. In general, a security lighting plan should be multilayered and not rely on the guest to participate in its safe operation. 

5. Safety Monitoring. Rental property security isn't just about keeping out intruders. It should also include safety monitoring of various types. Fire alarms are a must, but you can also monitor the unit for carbon monoxide, water leaks, freezing pipes, and guests in areas they are not allowed. The specific monitoring you need depends on the property's risk points and your concerns. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about any of these modern security solutions? Start by meeting with a security system provider in your area today. They will work with you to identify the best ways to deploy security and safety technology throughout the property to keep everyone safe and happy. No matter what you install, your property — and your business — will benefit for many years to come.