Do You Need Edge Lighting For Your LED TV?

Posted on: 28 August 2020

Ensuring everyone can see your products and presentations at a trade show has never been easier. The array of tools you have now — TVs, tablets, touchscreens — can keep attendees' attention as they check out your booth. TVs can be particularly helpful as you can present your products and services in more entertaining ways than simply handing a flyer to someone.

The widespread use of LCD TVs nowadays has led to more options than ever. You can have TVs at pretty much any height that you want (considering what's possible in the exhibition hall, of course) and in different sizes. One option has to do with the backlighting for the TV. It's called edge lighting, and it can affect how your company is literally seen at the booth.

Thinner TVs, Lighter TVs

Edge lighting places rows of LEDs around the edges of the TV screen. This arrangement of lights within the TV's body allows manufacturers to make the TV thinner. Thinner TVs can be lighter (not always; be sure to check) and thus better for trade show booths that want TVs up above eye level. As technology advances, non-edge-lit TVs may become thinner and lighter, too, but for now, edge-lit TVs are best if you want something thinner.

Even if the TVs will be on tables, thinner displays leave more room in front and in back for promotional materials.

Picture Quality and Brand Differences

One issue that some edge-lit TVs have is that the picture quality isn't quite as good as that of TVs with a complete array of LEDs inside the whole body of the TV instead of along the edge. If you need the clearest, crispest possible picture for your booth, a full-array TV might be better. However, these differences are often not that big, especially if the TV is going to be up high, where people might glance at it instead of watching it for several minutes.

You may want to ask TV rental companies which brands they carry because some brands have started working on edge-lit TVs with better picture quality. And, of course, you can rent a combination of TVs for different spots in the booth — no one said you had to limit yourself to just one.

Design your dream booth and figure out where you want the TVs to begin with. Then, contact a rental company and tell them where you want to put these things and what you plan to have playing on them. The rental company representative can help you choose the TVs that will work best with your plans.

For more information about LCD TV rentals for trade shows, contact a TV rental company today.