Improving Your Company's Customer Service: Three Tips

Posted on: 20 June 2018

Customer service--abbreviated as "CX" in many professional circles--is often a vital part of your company's success. Your products might be what your customers purchase, but commitment to strong CX practices will create some loyalty which will keep them around to buy more of your items. These customer service pointers can help you give people a better experience with your products and your company.

Use Industry-Specific CX Solutions

There are many CX software platforms with which you can integrate and analyze your social media marketing, sales, and other campaigns. This software can often produce valuable information about your customers that you can use to plan business activities going forward. Beware of software solutions that offer a "one-size-fits-all" approach to customer service. The way that clothing stores handle customer service will be somewhat different than the way banks do; that's largely because of the way those customers interact with those solutions. Instead, focus on CX industry solutions that are customized for the kind of industry you're in.

Ask for Feedback

You should always be checking in with past customers to ask them how your business can improve their experiences. For example, do they think shipping was done in a timely manner? Did they like the packaging? Would they like to be able to chat online with customer service reps instead of waiting on the phone for them? Instead of assuming you know what people think, ask them directly.

Surveys are typically used to gauge customer opinion, but realize people are busy and can often need incentives to answer survey questions. For instance, you might offer a coupon or freebie in return for survey completion.

Create a Community for Customers

Another way to increase customer satisfaction is to help your buyers to interact with each other. By creating online groups or forums, you can create a real sense of community. Customers can ask each other questions about your products and can discuss how they use each item you sell. They can even start talking about related topics that will give you insight into what more you can offer them. You might have employees monitor these communities in order to watch for important information and to take care of any concerns or problems.

With these customer service suggestions, you should be able to give an enhanced experience to everyone who buys your products. Talk with software providers, other retailers, and CX industry solution services to keep providing the best possible service to your customers.