Picking And Enhancing A Robust, Modern Security System

Posted on: 10 October 2017

What do you want out of a security system? Do you want an alarm to scare off burglars, or a silent alarm to bring police to the scene of the crime while the thieves are in the middle of their work? Do you want different alarms depending on whether you're on vacation or not? There are a lot of choices when it comes to security systems, so consider a few features and quality levels to get a better idea of what you need before spending extra on what you want.

Alarm Options Aren't Just Personal Preference

What's the point of an alarm system? Is it to scare off thieves, or to warn you of an intrusion? Or is the point to alert the authorities and catch the thieves in the act? All of these answers are correct at different levels, but it's not as simple as getting it all at once.

The main goals are to make sure your household is safe, your life is safe, and that criminals are captured. This fending off multiple types of thieves, because not all thief personalities, motivations, or their drive to succeed are all the same.

Common thieves who just want to get in and out of a home with unlocked doors can be turned away by security signs. Many thieves realize that some homes simply add signs with no alarms on the inside, so it's helpful to have some kind of alert system.

Why Wouldn't You Use An Audible Alarm?

Scaring away intruders with loud alarms isn't always a good idea. For most thieves who just want to take your stuff or leave, it means abort mission or work faster. For stalkers, murderers, or anyone who has to achieve their mission, it means work faster--period.

That part is all about personal preference. An easier choice is working between vacation time and home time since some alarms can have audible and silent options in the same system. When you're on vacation, you can turn the audible alarm on so that neighbors will know that something is up. When you're home, you can turn off the audible alarm so that accidental incorrect passcode entries or any other personal mistakes won't cause a ruckus.

You can even turn the audible alarm off during most of your awake time or a certain hour, but on during sleep. It's up to you.

To get the right settings and a tailored analysis of your local risks, contact an alarm system professional like those at Tele-Plus to speak with alarm companies ready to install the right system.