Why You Should Buy IP Addresses Prior To Searching The Dark Web

Posted on: 17 October 2016

The "Dark Web" or "Deep Web" is an underworld of the internet. FBI, CIA, and lots of other organizations troll the Dark Web, all with different purposes in mind. It can act as a place of anonymity for meeting other computer experts, as well as a place for black market internet activities. You can never be sure who you will bump into in the "dark," which is why you need to protect your home and office computer systems and internet in every way you possibly can. Here is why you should buy IP addresses and use them in place of your own if you intend to explore the Dark Web or if you are conducting federal investigation business.

Hackers Float Around the Dark Web

You have to think of this internet underworld as a black cavern with numerous amoebae floating around inside it. Some amoebae will attempt to engulf you and swallow you whole—a nice way of saying that hackers exist and they will take advantage of your exploration into their world. All of your personal information is laid bare in seconds, and there is no internet security here except what security precautions you take prior to entering. If you want to protect ALL of your personal information, buy and use an IP address that is not so easily traced back to you. Many IP addresses for sale were used by others before you, and a different IP address on a different computer will confuse those who are trying to hack you in this world.

Government Agents Monitor Dark Web Activity

Even government agents who pose as someone else on the Dark Web to conduct investigations use IP addresses that are not so easily traced. They want anonymity as much as anyone in the Dark Web world. However, if you do not want the agents to follow you in the Dark Web, or if you do not want other agents following you, another IP address helps deter their interest in you. It is also a good idea not to explore certain sites and areas in the Dark Web that would spark the hidden agents' curiosity in you.

IP Addresses Are Disposable

Since you can buy and sell IP addresses at will, it is a good idea to only use each IP address once when using it to surf the Dark Web. Then remove it and substitute the next IP address and sell off the used ones. This will help you remain relatively safe and secure while satisfying your curiosity about this strange, alternate internet universe.